Free-style Program

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It is an experiential program that all participants have to attend, such as dawn buddhist ceremony, meditation, morning worship, and public worship.

The rest of the time, we are also trekking in the mountain to each-other.

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Baekyangsa’s Templestay Program

Baekyangsa, a temple considered to be the cradle of the modern Korean Buddhist Seon sect, has naturally prepared an opportunity for participants to let nature be their teachers and discover their True Selves. 

While walking in the forest, you can do a walking meditation that uses all five sense to look inside and discover your True Self. Also, the program offers formal Seon Meditation as a way to find your True Self, followed by drinking tea and talking with the monks. Step away from your normal, intense life. Take a true rest and have a chance.


16:00~17:00 Registration
17:00~18:00 Temple Dinner
18:00~19:00 Ring a big bell
19:00~20:00 making a 108 beads
19:30~21:00 108 bows
21:00~04:30 Sleeping


04:30~05:00 Early morning Ceremony at Buddha hall
06:00~07:00 Temple Breakfast
07:30~08:30 cooperative works together
09:00~10:00 Da-Seon(Tea Ceremony)
10:00~11:00 pilgrimage a small temple
11:30~12:30 temple lunch
12:00~13:00 Departure

Da-Seon(Tea Ceremony)

It is one of the meditations to practice of mindfulness and concentration through brewing and drinking tea. Tea and meditation are the same that is why it is said Da-Seon-il-mil. When you drink tea, your five senses work at the same time. Your eyes see the color, ears hear the sound of water, nose smells the fragrance, the tongue tastes the flavor of the tea and your hands feel the warmth of the cup.

What to prepare

* A uniform ( a vest and pants ) is provided during the stay. * What to bring : toiletries, a personal water bottle, loose clothes for sleep, an extra t-shirt, sneakers, and socks. Remember that a sleeveless shirt or flip-flops are not recommended.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • Refund
    3days before : 100%
    2days : 70%
    1days : 50%
    the day : regard as participating


  • keep the Temple’s rules and regulations for the program.
    Please keep the noble silence during your stay.
    No smoking, no alcohol
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